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Printing Guide

Optimum print sizes for the D1X image sensor or negative are 4x6, 5x8, 8x12, 11x16, 16x24, 20x30, 26x40, 30x46

I will custom crop to a standard size (8x10, 11x14 etc.) as long as it is understood there may be a significant portion of the image cut off. I will also custom crop to any dimension the client requires. The client will indicate what portions of the image will be cropped using the original portfolio image. Prior to printing, I will provide a “proof” of how the final image will look when cropped.
Any custom print size not listed below will be priced at the next largest paper size needed to fit the print on. Indicate if borders are required as they are part of the final paper size. The printer charges for total paper size used not actual print size.
Prices are for unframed and unmatted prints only.
Size Price


5x8 $15.00
8x12   $25.00
11x16 $50.00
16x24 $75.00
20x30 $100.00
Contact me for a quote on any prints larger than 20X30 or any panoramic image prints.
   Click on the Contact tab above to email us with your request. You can use the image description or the actual file name to specify which print(s) you desire along with the size. Shipping is not included in prices. Usually around $5.00 for USPS priority certified mail.